Art and Dance School

Art School

The MBBC Art Program encourages students of all ages to express themselves through age appropriate,explorational,and experimental projects. The end result is not the focus here but the process. we believe it is important for children to feel fearless in their discovery of art. We introduce them to different materials such as  watercolors,  acrylics, pastels, fabric, glue, scissors etc. Projects range from weekly thematic work to longer projects. We do not believe in having each child complete the same project as the person next to them. The children start with a similar theme but each child takes it in their unique direction. The art teacher encourages individuality in the children's work.

Our Art Teachers goal is to bring out the artist in every child. One student may have an interest in cutting and glueing while another may have an interest in painting or drawing cars. Each student is then encouraged to take their interest further. We believe boredom in the classroom will never foster creativity. Although the teacher will provide a theme and directions in the beginning of each class children will be encouraged to think outside the box and take their project where they think it should go. At the end of the day we have sculptures, paintings, storybooks, comics and other endless results. 

Children are also introduced to different artists as a reference point in their own work. We have looked at work by Jackson Pollock,Van Gogh,Picasso,Matisse,Morandi and countless others. The goal is to form an early interest in Art History and to inspire their future projects.

Dance School

The MBBC Dance Program offers a variety of dance styles for students to choose from such as modern, hip-hop, and jazz. Students are engaged in structured learning experiences that increase their understanding of the style of dance that they choose. Students are taught to use dance as a means of expression as well as a good source of exercise. Dance skills and technique are all taught in progression, this is something that takes much time and dedication to obtain. Throughout the class we build upon basic concepts of balance, body control, isolation, flexibility, and strength.

The teachers goal at MBBC is for students to show growth from class to class while having fun at the same time. Each class consists of a warm up, stretch, technical lesson, floor work, with a conclusion of learning a routine which should also be practiced independently. The teachers goal is to focus on the students effort and willingness to just try. Everything that students try to do is applauded. Students are given creative movement to express themselves, release energy, and have fun.



MBBC/NASH JEW - Art and Dance School
Located at 330 Neptune Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11235

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