Our goal is to improve school attendance, engage children in learning, raise test scores, improve grades and help kids with social skills. In addition, our recreational program offers professional classes like Art, Dance, Sambo, Self-Defense, Karate, and gym activities.

We employ a professional staff of NY certified teachers and assistant teachers. Art, sports, and dance instructors have long teaching experiences and achievements in their fields.

After School Program always cares about the health and nutrition of your kids. We propose hot lunches to every kid which includes soup, meat, fish, vegetables, fruits and juice every day.

Also, MBBC Program provides transportation from Public School and home, which is a big convenience for busy working parents. Safety is our priority. Our program is certified by the NYS Department of Family and Children Services and is regularly inspected. Our professional teachers care for your child to fulfill his academic and social needs and help them to have fun every day. The After School Educational and Recreational Programs are designed for children in Pre-K through Middle School. We provide after school services for many children who attend PS in Kings County and work in partnership with the community, schools and family to meet their specific needs.




MBBC/NASH JEW - After School Program

Located at 330 Neptune Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11235


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